Solo show at Parrotta Contemporary Art,  Cologne and Bonn, Germany (7 September – 10 November 2018)

The award-winning work of British artist Edmund Clark intensely reflects on historical and political events, as well as their means of representation through a multilayered combination of different media including photography, film, text document and installation. On the grounds of a photographic, documentary approach, the works of Edmund Clark focus thematically on systems of power and mechanisms of state control. In particular, Clark, who counts among the first to be granted access to the prison camp of Guantánamo as a member of the British press, concentrates on the profound changes that Western societies have undergone since the terror attacks of 9/11.

Clark is concerned with documentation, photography, questions imposed on the image as such, whose inherent properties – colour and form – are never isolated from, but always resonate with preconceived opinions and biased notions. Constantly reinterpreted and redefined, image material cannot be acknowledged as binding, as an infallible source for objective „truths“. Clark’ s works call for an open engagement with narratives and processes „that occur behind the screens and the surfaces through which we perceive images, recognising filters manipulating our impressions.“

Exhibited works include: Control Order Housein Cologne; Guantanamo: If the Light Goes Out, Letters to Omar, The Mountains of MajeedNegative Publicity: Artefacts of Extraordinary Rendition, Section 4 Part 20: One Day on a Saturday 

Photographs by Frau Babic